Communal outreach resides at the forefront of BC + A’s mission with the consistent endeavor to provide artistic, accessible and educational platforms that anyone, from any background, can connect to. From open rehearsals to lecture/demonstrations to opportunities to engage in our creative process, our desire is to disseminate self-empowerment concepts and collaborative mechanisms to our audience that guide our company practice.  


Bryn Cohn and Artists is available for professionally presented performances in an array of venues from proscenium stages to site-specific work to museums + galleries. BC + A can travel as a full company or with selected performers to fulfill presenters’ needs, showing between 10 to 120 minutes of work.  



Bryn Cohn resets company repertory + creates new work for ballet and modern dance companies, universities and colleges as well as commercials and film. Past commissions include: California State University, Fullerton, Grand Valley State University, Missouri Contemporary Ballet, Billy Bell’s Lunge Dance, Youth America Grand Prix, Bayonne High School + The Pushing Progress Contemporary Training Program among others. 




Bryn Cohn + Artists’ pedagogical philosophy provides students of all ages and varying abilities the freedom to explore representations of who they are as individuals and as artists by providing an open and intimate environment to delve into technical and performative practices. BC + A teaches single classes, workshops, intensives and residencies as well as lecture/demonstrations for professional or non-professional college level and K-12 dancers.



Groove, refine, center… go upside down, focus, commit… take a risk then listen – be the artist, communicator and dancer you want to be. Warm up begins with crafted and improvisational exercises to ground the body and welcome the mind into our flow.  Prepare for physical demand by honoring alignment, sequencing, directional change, gravity and momentum.  Draw upon Bartinieff Fundamentals, Limon, Feldenkrais, ballet, contemporary and hip – hop genres to center and play.  Floorwork butters the body into the Earth as a method to resist and swing from it.  A wide qualitative range cultivated throughout class provides a springboard to launch into dynamic - based, athletic and gestural phrasework.  Sweep across the space alongside your community with intent, clarity and pleasure.  Take a risk.  Invite yourself and your realities into the jump, bounce, toss and most importantly, the quiet and sensitive moments of connectedness.   


Class breaks down the mechanics of partnering as a way to deepen visceral consciousness and to interface with one another with authenticity and vulnerability.  Exercises examine variations of touch, momentum, weight bearing, manipulation, energy levels and counterbalance.  Structured and improvisational prompts cultivate intimacy and connection while providing space to investigate one’s creative voice and the collective energy in the room.


BC + A repertory incorporates fall and recovery, spatial patterning, intricate floor work and rigor with strong emphasis on focus and expressivity.  Phrasework encourages an intuitive coupling between specificity and sweeping motion, shape and circularity, and the ability to morph from one physical state into the next.  The dancers will not only learn material generated by BC + A but will also submerge into an experimental process based on movement, dialogue, writing, props and scenic design. 


Choreography classes supply dancers with the fundamental tools to construct dances based on spatial dynamics, time, movement invention, architecture and choreographic direction.  Students are given prompts such as self-identity portraits, “my turn your turn” partnering strategies and methods of collaboration to build larger ensemble structures. Students will work individually and collectively to discover their directorial voices and transfer inspiration and creativity into complex and clear vision.  After the creation stage, we will discuss the works in terms what we see and what meaning, theme, motif or narrative we may infer from our observations.  




Top photo by Karen Pomarico | Bottom photo by Jaqlin Medlock