“Bryn is such an amazing combination of artistry and intelligence.  She is able to articulate so clearly her directives and creates a safe yet challenging environment for growth.  When I observe her teaching I see how quickly she can process a situation and connect to her students in order to move forward. She is open and vulnerable while commanding a room, able to flow freely with creativity and clarity.”

Anna Volmar | Faculty for Pushing Progress Contemporary Training Program



“We were challenged to take risk and constantly make choices that scared us, which gave me the chance to leave the practicality of my mind behind and jump into new territory. Being in the space with BC + A was transformational. The energy in the room was open, honest, and asked for the space to be seen, felt, and heard in a different way than I had experienced.”

Amanda Reichert | Student at Peridance Capezio Center


“I have never encountered a teacher who cares about the hearts of her students in the way Bryn does. This care is what allows her classroom to feel like a safe place to learn and explore. Bryn has pushed me creatively to find my own voice within any type of work and to love what I have to offer. Her passion and creativity is unique.”

Brooke Jones, Dancer for Lunge Dance + Student


"Bryn has an incredible ability to imbue each class with the same emotionally charged direction constructed in the very works of her company rehearsals and process.  It is a transformative space offering the individual artist an opportunity to consider their own voice, and demand the very best of their creative mind and structural exploration."

Calen Kurka, Artistic Director for Pushing Progress



Photos by Jaqlin Medlock